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Windows Mobile Phones Easy-to-use Innovation

There is an increasing trend of offering high-end technology through compact and crisp devices. Windows mobile phones can definitely be classified under such a bracket. These are the mobile phones based over the windows operating system. After PCs, laptops and notebooks; it is the turn of the mobile phone devices to offer windows.

Microsoft, the software behemoth has developed the windows mobile operating system, to be used precisely in smart Mobile phones and mobile devices. All of it started in the year 2000 when the first version of the Windows Mobile Phone, Pocket PC 2000 was launched. After that came Pocket PC 2002, followed by Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Phone 6.5, Windows Phone6.5.1, Windows Phone 6.5.3, and Windows Phone 6.5.3, and Windows Phone 6.5.5, all in the chronological order of their launch. The latest version is Windows Phone 7.

Among all the versions, Windows Phone 6.5 is the most popular. However, all the versions performed well in the markets. Though, common people too can be found using Windows Mobile Phones, these are quite a favorite with the corporate professionals and businessmen. Apart from all the high-end features another reason for their popularity is the kind of flexibility attached with them in terms of the windows applications.

There are many mobile handset companies that are manufacturing Windows Mobile Phones. HTC is leading the pack among them. Some of the well known HTC Window Mobile Phone are HTC- Touch 2, HTC- Touch HD 2, HTC Touch Viva, HTC Snap, HTC S511, HTC- Tytn II, HTC Tpouch Pro2. Apart HTC, there are Motorola Q 9H, Samsung Omnia2, Acer C1, Samsung Saga and many other handsets functioning over Microsoft operating systems.

Though, all these differ a bit in terms of their specific features, what is common among all of them is that all of them are easy to use. This is the specific reason increasingly more users are placing them on the top of their preferred handset lists.

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