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What Makes A Good Newsletter Top Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign A Success

Intriguing Title Most people get a lot of emails every day, with the majority of them being spam which usually just goes unread or deleted without a second thought. This is the main reason you have to make sure your email title or subject is as catchy as can be, enough to draw the person to open the email and read it but not so quirky it will be flagged as spam and therefore never have the chance of being read!

Catching Introduction The first paragraph should explain to the reader exactly what the email is about and therefore why they should continue reading it. You can try to make this introduction quite thought provoking or you can get straight to the point and tell the reader why they need to read on and what benefit doing so will give to them. You really have to make the reader want to know more.

Clear Message Confusing emails do not work. They will just annoy the reader and you will totally lose the chance of selling your product or service within a few minutes of the email being opened. Make sure your email doesnt try to do much or sell too many things and make sure that when the reader has opened the email they get the immediate understanding of what you are trying to say quickly and efficiently.

Concise Content Keep it brief, keep it short and above all keep it nice and simple. Dont try and pack your email full of loads of text that just goes on forever. The best email campaigns are the ones that contain little information but still manage to deliver the original point of the email quickly to the reader and the audience.

Few Images Do try to keep the amount of images to a minimum, as the more images your email has, the longer it takes to load for the person reading the email and it also stands more chance of being flagged as potentially unsafe as some emails user pictures to serve viruses etc

Compressed Graphics If you are going to have images on your email campaign, make sure they are compressed and not too large, as the person reading your email will be pretty unhappy if it takes ages to load and wastes their time. Serve the images from a server rather than embedding them in the email and make sure they are as optimised and compressed as they can be whilst still looking sharp and quality.

Call To Action Many email campaigns make one fatal mistake and this mistake is not giving the user the ability to take things further without having to hunt for the correct contact details. Make sure you include all of your contact information and make sure you display it in quite an obvious way and place, because if you are wanting the reader to pick up the phone and place an order and you cant find the phone number on the email, you have lost the sale as people will simply just not wait or hunt around for information.