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Wave Of Complaints Cause Captain Chris To Review Marketing Plan

Sometimes even when you try to do something nice, you get burned. That is what happened to Close Combat Training owner Captain Chris recently when he came under fire for a nutritional supplement marketing strategy. What many have deemed the close combat scam was nothing more than a promotion that caused some confusion.

The marketing promotion offered new customers a free month of nutritional supplements when they ordered the self defense DVD series. Through emails and notifications on the website, customers were alerted that if they did not wish to receive future supplements, they would have to cancel with the company. However, some customers did not see these warnings and were up in arms when they were billed for the supplements down the road. This has caused Captain Chris to scrap the strategy.

In a press release, Chris Pizzo acknowledged the accusations and decided on a way to fix them.

“We would rather no longer offer the free trial than have unhappy customers who then choose to miss out on being able to protect their families through our training. The customer’s life and family is more important to us than that,” explains Chris Pizzo.

Now that the promotion has been curtailed, Pizzo can return the more important task of training every day citizens in hand to hand combat. This is of course not with the intention of creating some sort of fighting league, but instead to give every day, normal citizens the skills needed in order to protect themselves in the case of a violent confrontation.

Captain Chris is certainly no rookie when it comes to self defense. When he and his wife were brutally attacked in 1997, Pizzo decided to dedicate his life and career to finding out the best possible strategies for self defense. He travelled the world studying different styles of martial arts until he found one that fit. Although he says that every type of self defense strategy has its merits, they also each have their downfalls. However close combat training has proved to be the absolute best strategy for everyday people.

What makes this particular self defense strategy unique is that it can be learned and utilized by anyone, regardless of size or experience level. It will give anyone an extreme advantage over any violent adversary and will certainly shock them if they ever try to attack you.

It is all about making the right first move. And through the DVD training, you will learn how to quickly evaluate the situation and be able to decide what that first move should be. As the training doesnt only involve physical methods because Pizzo will also teach you how to remain calm, cool and collected in a violent situation. This alone will give you an enormous advantage over your opponent who will be fuelled by adrenalin and rage.

So now that the close combat scam is behind him, Chris hopes to be able to bring his message of the importance of self defense training to a whole new level.