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The Prominent Keynote Speakers on Innovation in the US

Motivational keynote speakers can help your business or organization get expert advice in topics relevant to the issues you are facing. By addressing concerns and giving employees timely information and training through inspiration and entertaining keynote speakers, businesses can boost company morale, increase productivity and efficiency, and overcome crucial problems affecting their organization. Here is a list of some of the best keynote speakers on the top innovative topics concerning businesses in the United States:

Daniel Burrus – http://www.burrus.com

Daniel Burrus is a top leading expert in strategic planning and innovative technology trends. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies tap into unseen opportunities and solve seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He currently lives in Wisconsin and wrote six books, including the best-seller Flash Foresight. He is also a contributing blogger for CNBC, Huffington Post, Wired Maganize, and Examiner.com. He has delivered over 2,500 speeches to corporations, associations and professional organizations blending humor and motivation while addressing relevant trends for tuning change into a competitive advantage. In 1983, he became the first technology futurist to, correctly, identify the twenty types of technology that would be the driving forces for business and economic change.

Rick Barrera

Rick Barrera is an author and marketing consultant from California offering a unique approach to brand building, leadership, customer service, sales, and strategic planning. His strategies have been employed by such name brands as Hummer, Starbucks, Chico’s, Yellow-freight Lexus, and Google. His expertise is excellent for any organization seeking to build their brands by creating extraordinary experiences for their customers. His timely advice gives practical information on how brands are built and how companies can effectively differentiate their products and services from their competitors. His passion is to, truly, understand the company or industry he is working with in order to give practical in-depth information that provides unique solutions to the challenges facing that particular industry.

Rich Bendis – http://www.linkedin.com/in/richbendis

Rich Bendis is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, venture capitalist, and investment banker from Pennsylvania. He currently is the founding President and CEO of Innovation America, which focuses on the growth of the entrepreneurial economy. He provides global consulting services focusing on innovation based economic development strategies and entrepreneurship. His expertise shines a light on how companies can compete on a global scale through the implementation of financial investment strategies.

Alexander Blass – http://www.alexanderblass.com

This exciting individual is a 36-year-old Wharton and Oxford-educated entrepreneur and innovator from Maryland. He is best known for his revolutionized charitable giving in 2007 through Internet technology. His inspirational presentations address topics such as innovation leadership, creativity and change, business development, entrepreneurship and more on some of the world’s most respected conferences, such as the 2011 Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum in the UAE and the 2011 European Conference on Creativity and Innovation.

Patrick Meyer – http://www.patrickmeyer.com

With advisory experience to Fortune 500 CEOs, Patrick Meyer is a brand builder and innovator for Fortune 500 companies and emerging technology business enterprises. He tags himself as -The CEO Futurist.- Being one of the exceptional products of Villanova VSB and Fordham University, he employed his hybrid expertise to help reconnect top brands and businesses to their customers again, including but are not limited to Ford, Coke, Virgin, Gatorade, Levi’s, P&G, and VW, and to lead Fusion 5 and Sourcebits. His keynote speaking appearances cover topics, including business, digital, mobile, social, marketing innovation and many others.

As you can see, hiring a keynote speaker can dramatically boost your performance in the highly competitive business world. So whether your company is seeking to develop your customer base, sales strategies, or learn specific strategies to boost profits and compete at an international level, you will find that utilizing a keynote speaker will greatly improve your company’s performance.

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