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Marketing is important to publicize about the company, its product, brand name and services and every business men wants his business to grow. Today, using Bulk sms has become a wide choice with the world of business to spread a word about their company globally. And this is happening with the eventual change in the mobile technology. Mobiles have become life of people as wherever they go they carry it, this is because mobiles are cheap and can be used anywhere.

On the other hand the business class is seeing it as an upcoming prospect to grow them selves. It has become an opportunity for them to communicate with people and get results at an instance from them. It is an easy, simple and cheap way of sending messages to the masses rather than spending heavy money on other types of marketing tools. It can be availed by any enterprise be it small or large. In this SMS are sent regarding anything be it sale, birthday of the company’s head or the company, launch of a product or launch of a company etc at a low cost.

There is group sms which is rising in the entrepreneurs as sending sms to people are quick and easy in it. And sms’s can be transmitted to a group of people at once. This is a global service used by many enterprises for different reasons. Anyone can send sms through it and avail the benefit. For sending SMS mobile database is very useful which has phone numbers of people.

The free bulk sms software solves everybody’s problem of sending messages. You just need to know how to use it. It s use depends on excel sheets and mobile phone. When you are through with your message typing and importing automatically the software will send message to everybody in your mobile phone book list and that to free of cost. SMS Gateway which literally means a passage or portal to send and receive messages between the PC and the phone. It is very helpful as it does not allow any hampering to the message.

SMS advertising is another benefit of this medium through which you can tell your customers about the various offers, discounts etc. As well as it can be used to play the role of a reminder. With bulk SMS advertising you save a lot of money and time as in it you just need to choose your target audience, the creative idea i.e. your campaign and sent it to a number of customers in one go which will instantaneously increase your sales or build up your reputation in the market.

There are plenty of providers of such service in India. Moneek Mehra From mysmsmantra.com says “India is a growing market for marketing and advertising as the number of cell phone providers and service providers are increasing and with cheap rates so that anyone can have a mobile. The SMS Marketing in India is eventually boosting with a number of people availing the service.” The message is sent to people without any interruption or commotion giving them the freedom to read the message whenever they wish too. So avail the Internet SMS facility and impress your clients and business associates.

Moneek Mehra owns a website called “MySmsMantra.Com” which is a great place to Send Bulk Sms. If you are looking for a SMS Software that lets you send free bulk sms and provides you superb sms service, then this is the place for you. Also Visit our SMS gateway.

Network Marketing Basics The Business Card

Business cards are the staple of any business. Once one goes into business for oneself, one of the first things that is done is the design and production of a business card. If done correctly, it could be a very valuable tool for marketing your business.

However, in my opinion, business cards done the traditional way serve no real purpose. What do I mean by that? Usually a business card has very little information that will drive the recipients of this card to action. It provides them with your name, the name of your company, and your contact information; beyond that, there is little else.

Why not put this little billboard to work for you? Instead of just supplying the basic information, invest in a card that is either 2-sided or a fold-over style, so you can put more riveting information on the card.

Denise, you ask, what do you mean by riveting information? I’m glad you asked!

I like to use a business card to guide prospects to take action and not just look at the card, then put it in their George Costanza-style wallet (any “Seinfeld” fans out there?) that is overstuffed with cards and pieces of paper they will never look at again. I recommend putting an eye-catching “headline” or a tagline that targets your niche market.

As an aside, let me briefly touch upon the idea of a niche market. While I know that we in network marketing like to think the world is our niche market and that everyone can benefit from what we have to offer, I recommend breaking the world up into categories. You will be more successful with your prospecting efforts if you identify a target audience, figure out what they need/want, and fill that need for them.

A good example of a niche market is Moms. If you want, this can be further broken down to more specific categories: working mothers, stay-at-home Moms, single/divorced Moms. Each group has their own set of needs and desires: the working Mom yearns to stay home with her children; the stay-at-home Mom wants to earn a living but not leave the nest so as to be close to her young; the single/divorced Moms need to generate income AND figure out a way to be present as a steady, guiding force in their child’s life. Getting extremely specific with your target market and letting them know you have an answer to their problem(s) is a much more effective way of prospecting than to just hand out a card with your name, company and contact information.

Once you carve out a niche you would like to target, design your marketing material that you create yourself (as an addition to the marketing material the company provides for you) with that group in mind. If you market to more than one niche (there is no limit to how many niches you can target), I advise creating different business cards for each target market in such a way that each card somehow catches the attention of that group by addressing a specific need or desire unique to each niche.

The center of your card does not necessarily have to focus on you or your business. Perhaps this information can be put off to the upper and lower corners, so as to allow for an eye-catching image that will appeal to their aspirations. Pictures, not necessarily of you, but of some desirable scene, can often be more effective than plain white or cream-colored stock

Consider adding a tagline to your company’s name (pending their approval, of course). The name of your company, in and of itself, may not be instantly recognizable. If they put this card away only to take it out a few weeks later, there should be something on there that reminds them of the conversation they may have had with you, or that indicates what the company can provide or do for your prospects. Otherwise, chances are they will just toss it and never follow up with you.

Be creative with your title. Are you a mentor in your business? Then say it. Do you teach people how to create wealth? Then say it.

Use the other side of the card, or better yet, use a fold-over style card, and inside you can ask a question that intrigues the prospect or addresses a concern of theirs along with a few short, bullet-pointed answers to the question that demonstrates you and your business have the solution to the prospect’s problem.

I’m going to give you a few examples of how I used the above guidelines to create an effective business card for myself:

1) I used a tagline under my company name that reads, “Your Road to Retirement.” Happily, I did not have to create this tagline or get it approved, this company uses it, and I felt it was effective. This will immediately raise eyebrows to anyone who is looking to get out of the rat race, and I’d say that’s a pretty large part of the population.

2) To match that tagline, I used the image of a beautiful tropical beach with gorgeous blue water, fine white sand, and palm trees. With the exception of people who live in that type of paradise all year long, this is what a good majority of people think about when they think of retirement. So, the image matches the tagline.

3) I gave myself a title: Recruiter and Mentor. I want people to know I am an expert at what I do, and I will help them do the same. Remember, in the end, people don’t just want to go into business for themselves and figure it out the hard way. They want to join a successful person. They are joining YOU. I find that much more emotionally appealing than something like “Independent PC.” To someone not in the network marketing industry, what does that mean? Professional corporation? What EXACTLY is a PC?

4) My contact information includes, besides my phone number, the domain name I picked that is specific to the niche I chose. This is linked up to the automated marketing system provided by my network marketing company.

5) On the reverse side of the card, I ask an intriguing question that is related to my domain name. I ask, “What Do YOU Want to be Free From?” I then give them simple instructions how to take action.

The old model of business cards that most people follow is based on image advertising. Small business owners, to which I include network marketers, cannot afford to effectively advertise by just spreading an image. We are not a name-brand athletic shoe or a famous soda that can be identified just by the shape of its bottle, nor do we have the kind of capital that those companies have to put into an image advertising campaign (think Superbowl Ads at the most extreme). We need to think outside of the box and provide more information on these little tools which will entice the recipient to take action, all within our own marketing budget.

Invention Of Computers – A Boon To Mankind!

th October, 2012, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Computers – one of the incredible innovations of mankind as well as technology, has really brought a revolution in today’s working of the world. Earlier, the conventional methods that were used in everything, be it office work or projects for children, are now just a piece of talk! All credit to the computers that have evolved the working pattern of the individuals across the globe. Now, leaving behind the conventional methods, a new, fact, quick, reliable method that helps in speedy work has been adopted by people that majorly involve computers as a medium! Thus, the use of computers has become inevitable in today’s world.

Looking to the increase in prices of almost everything, the inflation has led to the increase in the purchase of second hand products. Similarly, computers are those electronic devices that are sold on second basis quite often. These Used Computers are very affordable as the price becomes almost half of the original computer. Moreover, there are discount PC’s in the market that are available on some sale or festive season, grabbing this opportunity, if you are intending to buy such discount PC’s, proper analysis regarding the age, color, brand, specifications, warranty must be undertaken and if you find it as per your requirement, you can very well purchase the used computer for yourself!

The other types of laptops and computers that are available are the refurbished laptops and refurbished computers. These devices are new but are sold to the manufacturer for some or the other purpose. Thus, though they are new, they are sold at discounted rates to the customers as they are being sold for the second time. Hence, cracking the deal of such refurbished laptops or Refurbished Computers can enable you with a new device that too at heavy discounted rates! From this, you can get two way benefits: – a brand new device that has been hardly used and a cheap computer, as it is availed at a hefty discount!

Change is the law of nature, similarly, unlike before, the present monitor of the computers are sold in LCD form. And for your benefit, there are even used LCD’s that can be availed from the outlets or direct manufacturers. Though, a thing that needs to be considered is to check each and everything in detail before buying so that you don’t end up in finalizing a wrong deal. A proper analysis will ensure you with a good new computer at the lowest rates!

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