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Capital One Bank’s on a Core Business Strategy

Big business is a common approach to profitability in a globalizing world. Companies buy up small companies in hopes of riding themselves of troublesome competitors, reducing expenses due to economy of scale and open additional avenues to new opportunities. There comes a time when companies have become a little too diversified and a little too big for their own britches. This causes profit margins to decline. Focusing on your core business has major competitive advantages.The Case of Capital One:Take the case of Capital One Financial Corporation which acquired GreenPoint Mortgage business as part of a larger deal to take over NorthFork Bank. Financial services are still profitable and banks are buying each other out in a mad frenzy to reach dominant status. Many banks have been engaging in the mortgage industry for decades and have mortgage components associated with them.The mortgage business is currently unprofitable. People are defaulting, many Americans are overextended, and the housing market is slow. Capital One is closing its GreenPoint Mortgage subsidiary which will cost a total of $860 million to complete and damage the company financially for the rest of this year and possible next year as well.Focused Strategy:Why would an organization do this? The problem is that losing management focus and diverging to far from your core strategy causes confusion has set in. By focusing on what your business is really about you can increase efficiency, narrow the choice of daily management decisions and reduce corporate waste.Companies have worked under the assumption that continual growth is always good. They have developed this growth through acquisitions, offering more products and being everything to everyone. The problem is that sales are beginning to slip and companies must scramble to maintain profits. Focused companies are much more likely to succeed in the long run.-I believe that you have to understand the economics of a business before you have a strategy, and you have to understand your strategy before you have a structure. If you get these in the wrong order, you will probably fail,- Michael Dell.In the Case of Capital One they understand the economics of business (mortgages are risky and unprofitable), understand your strategy (banking services) and develop your structure (banking companies only). Since Case of Capital is willing to follow the correct order they are better able to succeed in the long run. They want a simpler and leaner operation that earns profits.Too Many Projects and Not Enough Resources:Imagine yourself trying to get many things done. You want to be a business leader, you want to get your MBA, you want to be the great father, you want to build your own car and you want to exercise 2 hours a day. At some point you are going to figure out that there are not enough hours in the day and not enough resources to be the best at everything. Success and sanity will require you to focus on your core goal (s) so that you can make them a reality. Are companies really that different?-Without an appropriate vision, a transformation effort can easily dissolve into a list of confusing, incompatible and time-consuming projects that go in the wrong direction or nowhere at all,- Bob Guccione.Murad Ali, a two-time published author, writes articles and offers advertisement space for businesses. Visit http://www.thenewbusinessworld.blogspot.com and http://www.datingdesires.blogspot.com and http://www.fitnessanddietblog.blogspot.com and http://www.marketing-masters.blogspot.com

A Synopsis On Marketing Jobs In Singapore

Singapore has long been associated with the manufacturing industry and it is only recent that the county has been focusing on its marketing strategies for both local as well as international markets to enhance success ratio. As a result there has been a visible increase in the marketing jobs in Singapore. The demand for skilled professionals in this field rose dramatically between 2010 and 2011 which caused an increase in the institutes offering MBA and other marketing courses as well. More and more students have been opting for these courses. Since the global economic meltdown took place Singaporean companies have been considering individuals with higher years of experience apart from having impressive technical skills, for it would authenticate their quality of work.

General market predictions indicate an expansion in the presence of international companies in Singapore which would imply that employees will have to adjust to international business strategies and styles. Hence, for marketing careers in Singapore, professionals need to first understand the dynamics of the profile which can be though challenging, but also very interesting and would require lots of positive attitude on their behalf. Those interested in marketing jobs in Singapore must know the role and responsibilities of a marketing professional first.

1. A marketing expert needs to know the competitors well; a marketing professional must be adept with the latest trends, styles and new developments in his respective field.

2. Laying out marketing plan and strategies is another significant part of the job. It is not when or why, but how that matters in the field of marketing. Hence, marketing professionals must possess good thought process which can lead to generation of innovative ideas and strategic plans to be followed for products marketing.

3. What most professionals in marketing fail to do is a post-success analysis of their strategies. This is crucial for any marketing campaign to understand the result, analyze the success obtained or reasons that lead to failures and needs for improvement. For this it is important to build a metrics via which customers feedback, sales figures etc can be tracked and recorded.

The economic downfall had created ripples even in the case of a prosperous economy that of Singapore. Hence, companies are being very selective of the candidates they pick for marketing roles in Singapore. However, the good news for aspirants looking for roles in marketing jobs in Singapore is the advent of IT sector in the country. The industry has further enhanced opportunities in the field of marketing by introducing online marketing careers in Singapore. Online marketing is quicker and more widely spread method of marketing. It allows marketing professionals to spread the word to the world by a single click of their computer.

Online Mba In Entrepreneurial Development And Family Business

Online MBA programs help to leverage the competitive market scenario, where the demand for managerial skills is high and the supply of skilled and experienced workforce is less. In addition, Distance learning courses for professional degrees such as MBA help working professionals maintain job-continuity through their academic endeavor. The job-continuity or business-connect is of paramount of significance for emerging and established entrepreneurs as well. And, keeping in mind the specific requirements of entrepreneurs is SMU-DE MBA in Entrepreneurial development and family business.

How entrepreneurs can benefit from the Online MBA specialization?
Entrepreneurs who have carried forward a legacy business or started
afresh derive multiple benefits while pursuing Online MBA courses in entrepreneurial development and family business.

Entrepreneurship can make way for a great enterprise, when streamlined with managerial skills. Management in principle is about making optimum usage of every resource involved with business production. This apart, parameters such as the potential risks associated with a business, the interpersonal skills, risk tolerance, leadership qualities and creative thinking, which are key entrepreneur skills, come under the purview of MBA Entrepreneurial development and family business.

Creative thinking helps to apply novel approach for the business or the market situation;
Risk tolerance will drill out the enterprising capabilities of an individual, to look work out ones way through the risks and turn it into a positive potential;
Interpersonal or social skills play a vital role in team-building, working cohesively as one unit;
Leadership qualities will not just initiate but also create a symbiotic relationship with all the resources part of the enterprise.

The advantages of distance learning in MBA

The flexibility, convenience and accessibility
One of the key advantages of MBA Distance Learning that it helps to maintain continuity with the work-life, as there is no time and space constraint in this mode of education. The continuity maintained by entrepreneurs with regard to their business helps to build further from the existing foundation. Additionally, the interface with the business resources- people, consumer, market and trends, is kept live as distance learning doesnt demand full-time commitment in comparison with regular stream of education.

Industry-oriented curriculum, e-learning

Online MBA programs offered by universities of repute are industry-relevant, with greater emphasis on practical exposure.
To enhance the learning experience of students, distance learning has taken to the technology medium to deliver content, academic and non-academic training in managerial skills. The online learning programs squeeze in just right to fit into the busy business schedule of entrepreneurs.

With UGC and DEC-recognized SMU-DEs MBA in Entrepreneurial development and family business; entrepreneurs ride on the crest of creativity, lapping up the trends of the global market scenario. At the same time they discover new possibilities in business management, and take the right lead for their enterprise.