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Significance Of Master In Human Resource Management Course

Master in Human Resource Management is a popular and sought-after post graduation course designed to prepare aspiring candidates to manage human resources in organizations. Effectively managing diverse human resources is a thorny task; hence organizations require specially trained professionals to handle various human resources related issues and concerns. HR professionals support human resources all their ways to have their own fulfillments and also to achieve exemplary professional excellence.

Master in Human Resource Management course provides a broad and in-depth knowledge on various human resources theories and contemporary practices and thus prepares students for promising careers in the exciting field of human resource management. During the course of study, MHRM students get sufficient knowledge on various intricate human resource issues and management trends in a competitive global economy.

The course prepares students to perform various human resource management functions such as:

“Talent development
“Recruitment and selection
“Provision of contracts
“Human resource planning
“Provision of equal opportunities
“Effectively managing diversity
“Inspire and motivate human resources to achieve improved performance
“Talent management
“Employee wellbeing
“Knowledge and change management
“Manage cross-cultural issues or international HRM.
“Payment and reward of employees
“Health and safety
“Employee counseling when requires
“Grievances handling
“Encourage involvement and participation
“Fulfill ethics and corporate responsibility

Human resources professionals assist employees and managers in adapting to organizational change effectively. Pursuing Master in Human Resource Management from reputed universities is also crucial to become a successful HR professional who is packed with contemporary knowledge on diverse human resource management theories and concepts. Reputed and renowned colleges stand committed and dedicated to enhance both professional as well as personal attributes of their students.

MHRDM in Mumbai University

Amongst the popular universities that provides Master in Human Resource Management course, Mumbai University stand unique and prominent due to its dynamic and contemporary course curriculum and syllabus. The syllabus of MHRDM in Mumbai University has been designed in such way to deliver a comprehensive knowledge on diverse theories and practices of human resource management such as:

“Financial Accounting
“Personnel Law & Management
“Business Law
“Cost Management & Management Control
“Production Management
“Organizational Behavior
“Marketing Management
“Financial Management
“Effective Communication
“Industrial Relation Environment
“Labour Welfare & Management
“Manpower Planning
“Business Environment
“Personnel Assessment
“International Personnel Management
“Entrepreneurship Management
“Quantitative Technique in Human Resources Development
“Personnel Finance and Marketing Personnel
“Strategic Management
“Business Ethics

Every year, Mumbai University delivers well-rounded professionals to both public and private sector organizations to fill their most demanding HR professional positions.