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Samsung S7350 Classico-Design led innovation offering a multitude of functions

The Samsung Classico is subtle mixture of finesse and functionality. The smooth lines of its casing, designed in such a way to make it a joy to behold. The functionality quite simply is outstanding, whether it’s the market leading 5.0 megapixel camera or its impressive 2.6 inch display screen which affords the user with 16 million colour combinations to ensure crystal clear clarity and life like colours as well. This innovative slider phone could well be the next generation of mobile phone which sets new standards that others will need to match.

This unrivalled mobile phone offers a wide comprehensively packaged bundle of functions. The 5.0 megapixel camera provides quality and resolution to match many stand alone digital cameras. The quality is unsurpassed and ensures that the user can take photos of sufficient quality to print out and keep without loss or degradation due to lack of resolution. The camera also offers an LED flash to ensure sufficient lighting when taking a photo as well as an optical stabiliser and smile detection function, which makes it simple to get the right photo at the right time, without the need to be concerned as to whether the person is not ready. The phone also utilises the aforementioned camera as the means to provide an impressive VGA quality video recorder. To complete the ensemble of camera related functions, a geotag facility enables the user to tag the photo using coordinates from the integrated GPS. A 100Mb internal memory means the user can save and keep hold of any photo or videos that have been taken and if additional memory is required, that is easily achieved via a micro SDHC card slot enabling the expansion of the available memory.

The Samsung S7350 Classico has extensive connectivity facilities, whether its the high speed internet access available or the 3g+ connectivity, the latest means of connecting the phone to whichever medium is available on this phone. Blue tooth and USB are both fully featured and allow effective file transfer either to a pc or another blue tooth enabled device.

The S7350 Classico is in some ways a paradox, in that its looks although effective and stylish, provide no insight into the wealth of functions the casing hides. Its provides the feature and benefits that people want, simple as that. The functions are of a level to make the phone useful and help it become an important integral part of the users lifestyle, which in itself is testament to the efficient design which empowers this phone.

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