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Promotional Tools Used In Film Marketing

The Hollywood film industry is one of the biggest moneymakers in the world. Every year big time film studios create films with massive budgets in order to draw the masses to the theater with the hope that the film will become a weekend blockbuster. Billions of dollars are spent every year on the production of films in Hollywood.

And billions of dollars are made every year as well. Driving this money making machine is film promotion. Without proper film promotion, a film can expect lackluster results at the box office. In order to promote a film, film studios come up with massive marketing campaigns.

These campaigns are aimed to garner the interest of the film’s target audience and get them to spend money on a ticket to see the movie at the theater. Since a big part of a film’s success is judged on how well it does at the box office during its opening weekend, much of a film’s marketing strategy is focused on getting people to the theater during this weekend. To accomplish that goal, a film studio will target several means of promotion.

Theaters are a great place for film promotion. What better place to promote your movie than to people who enjoy watching them? Anyone who has gone to a movie is accustomed to sitting through several minutes of trailers before the feature film starts. Also, movie posters and multi-media displays help alert moviegoers of upcoming films in the hope that it will attract them to the theater on opening night.

The internet is another huge marketing tool. Although official movie websites can be helpful, it is viral marketing campaigns that are the most effective tool on the internet. A viral campaign aims to spread the news of the upcoming film quickly through social networking sites, blogs, or forums that are already in place. Through these bloggers, well-placed ads, movie clips, and media writers, attention to a film can spread rapidly on the internet.

Merchandising is another effective promotional tool. Many film studios partner with fast food chains to create themed advertising at the chain to promote the upcoming film. Toys included in kids’ meals, themed cups, or packaging can help spread the word. Themed clothing, accessories, and electronics are also popular. A film may also partner with a brand in order to mutually benefit both companies through product placement and advertising. By using all of these tools and many more, film studios spend millions of dollars to promote a film in order to ensure that all of the hard work and expense that went into making the film will pay off on opening weekend.