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Latest Opportunities For Businessmen In Bhel Nagpur Tenders

With the conclusion of several multi-million dollar global contracts, BHEL or the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Nagpur is now in a position to offer some of the best opportunities through BHEL Nagpur tenders for aspirant businessmen.

Recent Opportunities in BHEL
Some of the recently floated BHEL Nagpur tenders are as follows:

* Testing and commissioning of complete switchyards at various work sites of BHEL.
* Supply and installation of diesel generators in the work sites and offices.
* Providing high pressure air driven power pack maximize.
* Pipe fabrications using heating and bending processes.
* Motorized job rotators supply as per the specifications given in the tenders.
* Construction of chimneys including supply, erection, commissioning as well as providing all necessary subsidiary materials and accessories.
* Loading and unloading of fuels in the engine room of the worksites and other places.
* Construction of RCC fencing around the work place and premises of BHEL.
* Handling of site stores and stocks.
* Supply of heavy duty cranes for location based works.
* Supplies of heavy duty lift crawlers.
* Paving tiles supplies.
* Improvement of car parking and loco shed areas.
* Supply of AC sheets and CW pipes.

Service and Support Tenders
Apart from the direct induction of supplies of equipments, machineries, and materials, several BHEL Nagpur tenders are also floated to procure services and support facilities.

Some of the recent indents by the organization are:

* Periodical maintenance of electrical switches and appliances.
* Around 1208 man day operations for courier services.
* Inspection of the products purchased and functioning of the services requisitioned.
* Vehicle hiring services.
* Handling of stores and site and maintenance of accounts and registers.
* Providing field quality assurance services.
* Outsourcing of shop quality control.
* Assistance in mechanical and engineering works of the establishment.
* Raw material handling.

Above lists are only suggestive and not exhaustive to give a fair idea of BHEL Nagpur tenders and opportunities they offer for the aspirant entrepreneurs.

Requirement for Bidders
As one of the major Public Sector Undertakings of India, BHEL will always look forward to reputed and well established bidders to bid for BHEL Nagpur tenders. Moreover, most of their tenders floated are of high value denominations and may not be suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs. Also the direct bidders need to be empanelled with the organization and should be solvent and fulfill all legal requirements like having licenses, income tax and sales tax numbers, and other requisites.

Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises
It does not mean that BHEL Nagpur tenders do not offer any opportunities for the small and medium enterprises. When the large enterprises win some major bids, they have a number of smaller and associated jobs that they outsource. This is the area where the aspirant small and medium scale enterprises can try their luck and get handsome dividends.

In brief, the tenders floated by BHEL, Nagpur, offers something for every entrepreneur.