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Honda Eu3000is Power Generator

The Honda EU300IS generator is the most popular generator on the market for several reasons,it is very quiet for a generator that puts out 3000 watts (49 to 58db),most of the generators its size are loud and sound like a big construction project is underway rattling like crazy. This generator is much different you can actually speak and carry on a conversation in a normal tone of voice when standing fight next to it,honda has employed what is called a 2 tier damper muffler coupled with a eco throttle that ensures the most quiet opperation and that makes this a excellent choice of a generator if you tailgate at ballgames or go camping where people are trying to relax instead of trying to talk over the noisy generator which can be anoying as hell.

Using the eu300is is so easy because it has an electric start,just turn the switch and she starts up without any trouble,of course you have to maintain this piece of equipment just as if it was any other type of motorized equipment such as changing the oil at intervals of time ,also changing or cleaning the air filter,these important things will insure that you generator last a long time. Before shutting your generator off for a length of time you need to shut the fuel flow off and let the carburetor run dry of gas because when gas gets old it will gum up your carb and cause major problems resulting in having to remove the carb and cleaning it. Another thing to consider is the gas in this day and time is very poor and has ethanol in it ,ethanol is corrosive and causes problems when it ages making the fuel unstable,it will not burn as it should so always add fresh gas to your tank if it has been sitting for very long.

If your looking to save some fuel and keep the operation cost at a minimum the eu3000is is the excellent choice,it will get up to 20hrs use per tank of fuel,if you use a lot of power it will be lower but a normal load will run it for 20hrs and that is very reasonable for a 3000 watt generator. There are tri fuel kits available so LP or Natural gas can be used which is even better ,these gasses have very little pollutant emissions and will actually make you generator last longer. You see gasoline has a lot of carbon byproduct that builds up in the oil which makes your oil dirty and black also causes carbon buildup on the piston and valves,LP and Natural gas have no carbon emissions or buildup and will make your generator run extremely clean,you can run it for hundreds of hrs and the oil will not get black however it is still adviseable to change the oil at times because there are metal filings that are small and get filtered out.

Honda thinks ahead of the other generator manufactures with innovations that set standards others would like to follow,the eu3000is is dynamic in ways other generators cant match. Honda makes parallel cable kits that you can hook 2 of the same generator types together,linking 2 eu300is together will put out 6000 watts and that’s a bunch of power,sure it will double the fuel consumption but also double the power. This generator has a reliability record that is unsurpassed just like all honda products it will last and last if taken care of properly. An inverter is built into this package which means you can have AC or DC power,DC power is great to do such things as charge up a battery. If you want to use the eu300is for emergency or standby power it is suggested to use a transfer switch that will assure there is a safe connection to the home so it won accidentally electrify external power wires and cause a fire or injury.