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Giveaways – A New Trend in Marketing

There are many ways in which you can create awareness for your company and brand in the market today. However, the most effective method is exhibiting at trade shows. Although it is not a new marketing technique research shows that many companies who have participated in such events have become more popular among other brands. Many exhibitors say that the reason behind the success of such events is the Promotional giveaways that many companies bring to the event to hand out to existing and potential customers. In many towns and cities trade shows have become annual public events and residents always look forward to these events, as they get to see a variety of products all in one place.

Everyone likes to receive gifts, especially if they would pack in an attractive way. Although they may increase your expenses in the long run these Tradeshow Giveaways will help increase the brand value of your organization. Many marketing companies have a variety of promotional items at affordable rates from which you can choose. Remember that choosing the cheapest item does not necessarily mean that your company is cheap. Even a simple key chain can create a huge impact on your marketing strategy depending on how you present the item to your customers. However, one must always consider the target audience when selecting giveaway items. Since the idea of using promotional product is to connect with the audience always keep them in mind when selecting your items.

Another thing to remember is the ‘time’ of the trade fair. People are more thankful during the festive season and so if you as an exhibitor were to hand out gifts during this time you are sure to attract more customers.

Companies that giveaway personalized promotional items are naturally more popular at trade shows compared to those that hand out ordinary giveaways. This is because the personalized items connect in an emotional way with the customers as every time they use the item they remember your brand. The advantage of customized promotional items over other giveaways is that they leave an enduring impression in the customer’s mind and hence encourage loyalty for your brand.

In keeping with the trend always select an item that is relevant to your trade. For example if you in the tourism industry an ideal give away would be a personalized year planner, which makes a good Christmas gift for employees as well.