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Fhtm Review, Why Reps Are Running With Fortune Hi-tech Marketing

Network marketing gives people the opportunity to work from the convenience of their homes and make money in the form of commissions, not only on the sales done by them; but also on the business done by the chain of people recruited by them. The Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing program is one such opportunity that has a wide range of products for distributors to promote and a compensation plan to match.

FHTM Review – A Brief History

The company was founded by Paul Orberson, an expert salesman who’s experienced firsthand the benefits of being a distributor for a good MLM business. He left Excel Telecommunications to launch FHTM business in 2001 in Lexington, Kentucky. The business has a vitamin product, True Essentials; this is the only product that’s manufactured by them.

Some Products And Services

-Health & Beauty
True Essentials, FABS and Flying Basset Organics. FHTM also offers a health care card that has an attractive medical care plan.

Dish network, Magazines.com, Amusement Pack entertainment Club and World Tour Golf Links.

Wireless shop, Digital landing, Voice Connect and TCI Long Distance.

Protect America, Trothop, identashield, DuPont air and water filters and Roadside Autoclub.

The MLM Opportunity – Costs And Compensation

The cost to join this business opportunity is $299. Expect to spend more for websites. Reps also have to buy a minimum of 3 products.

The Downside

Don’t be taken in by the seemingly attractive compensation plan. It may not be that easy selling schemes of other companies that are often available at cheaper rates in the market.


ACN Inc. – A strong competitor that deals in telecommunication services; this is another network marketing opportunity that has an attractive compensation plan with a decent residual income. ACN has an edge over FHTM because it is a direct dealer while the latter is just an affiliate.

ACN is the giant in the industry of services with telecommunication. Even at one point billionaire Donald Trump even endorsed ACN until he went off and started his own company in Trump Network. ACN primary product seller is the IRIS 3000 video phone. ACN also runs like any other mlm opportunity where one must build a team to be able to make enough to because personal sales will not be enough.

Lightyear Wireless- This is a 15 year old establish business that deals in communication solutions. This has a low investment of $49 and is considered a good business in this field. There is a lot of comparisons on the internet where Lightyear is just plain cheaper to use instead.

Many customers tend to lean towards establishment that have been around the block cause when you deal with services having a startup is not exactly the best way to go. If your dealing in services you use daily the cheapest isn’t always the best course of action.

Individual calling plans: start as low as $39.99 which includes 450 anytime calling minutes and 3,000 night/weekend minutes.

Family calling plans: start as low as $59.98 which includes 500 anytime calling minutes and unlimited night/weekend minutes.

Amway – This is one of the most popular network marketing companies and deals in a wide range of products. Amway’s products boast of excellent quality and it has a health and nutrition range that’s a direct competition. Taking up an Amway business may turn out to be more profitable because reps earn by selling products as well as bringing in people, while in Fortune Hi-Tech, distributors are compelled to keep recruiting people in order to make good money.

In terms of customer satisfaction and products that work there is no denying Amway. FHTM has a long way to go to catch the giant in Amway which has pretty much started the MLM home party marketing method. Amway is a household name and those looking for an established pay plan there is very little that FHTM can offer in terms of stability over Amway.

Amway primary products can’t really be pinned to one as they have so many custom products like their custom health products with Nutrilite, their own beauty line with Artistry, and body products like Satinique.

Making A Fortune

Though it has its drawbacks, this is an established company and a legitimate business to take up. Most reps claim this to be a scam because they’ve not made much money in this business; but this may be due to their blinkered attitude. People generally consider only friends and relatives as customers in an home business setup.

Change this attitude and reach out to people through MLM leads. A MLM lead is your key to interested customers and prospective recruits. Try online tools that are proven to be efficient in gathering leads. This is sure to boost your business volume and get you new recruits.