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Energy Star Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning has traditionally been a phrase that home owners are wary of. Not only are these units initially pricey, they used to come with large utility bills attached to them as well. The good news is that this technology is getting a whole lot better with the new Energy Star air conditioner. The EPA has worked with numerous manufacturers to keep new units to strict energy efficiency guidelines. Combined with lighter yet stronger materials, the results have produced higher-quality, longer lasting models with condensers running at much lower decibel rates.

A central Energy Star air conditioner today has been measured at using only one third of the amount of energy as those 20 years ago. They are also much smaller in size. An Energy Star air conditioner is required to be at least 14 percent more efficient than models that are similar. Also, central air units can be compared to one another by their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This information can be found on the Department of Energy’s yellow Energy Guide label. This will give a good indication of the amount of energy drawn from the particular Energy Star air conditioner in question.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing an Energy Star air conditioner is performance in regards to running time. Some units may take more time to run to keep the temperature where you like it, which can dip into the energy savings. The primary consideration should be correctly sizing the unit to your home or building in which you intend to use it. Along with cooling the treated air with a refrigerant, a central Energy Star air conditioner will lower the relative humidity to between 40 and 60 percent. This creates a comfortable environment without leading to damp conditions.

A professional can help you calculate the amount of heat gain in your house and therefore help you pick an air conditioner that will be the most efficient in your home. The same ducts that carry warm air in the winter are used to carry cool air in the summer. This makes it twice as important that your ducts are tightly sealed at all registers and vent exhausts, and that all venting ducts and joints are inspected for leaks. For the cost of some sealing tape, you can be saving hundreds of dollars in leaked air.

One great advantage of a central Energy Star air conditioner is the fact that it can be connected to a programmable thermostat. Running your air conditioner while you are at work can lead to added utility costs, not to mention unnecessary negative impact on the environment. Newer thermostats can be set to achieve your family’s desired temperature as well as humidity levels. They can be set to turn on and off at certain times of the day, as well as provide certain temperatures for day and night. They can be set at different temperatures for separate zones in the house, meaning everyone can enjoy the exact temperature desired maximizing everyone’s personal comfort level.

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