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Easter Egg Hunting Games For Kids

Hippety-hop, Easter is on its way! So get ready with some fun and easy ideas to make your Childs Easter holiday extra special. Ask any child what they love about Easter and youre likely to get one of two answers the candy or the Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt: You can add a whole different level of fun and excitement to the traditional Easter egg hunt by creating a special bunny trail of clues that will lead your child from one egg to the next with the ultimate treasure prize of their Easter basket at the final location. Plan to start your hunt with a fun personalized greeting letter from the Easter bunny. This letter will need to include the first clue to your hunt. (See example below)

Happy Easter _______! My night has been busy hopping around, hiding some eggs that will need to be found. So grab your basket and get on your feet, follow these clues to uncover a treat
Happy Hunting! Love The Easter Bunny

You will then hide an Easter egg along with the second clue inside of a shoe (the answer to clue #1). From this point, simply continue creating and hiding your trail of clues, make sure that your last hiding place is large enough to accommodate the Easter Basket. This is a great game for Easter parties too. Where you might choose to leave a trail of hidden chocolate bunny treats instead of eggs.

If you need some help with creating your trail of clues, there are great online treasure hunt game companies, such as Treasure-Adventure.com, that provide a large selection of ready to play printable hunt games. The hunts are perfect for an Easter egg hunt in that the clues all lead to common household items, in addition to other specialty themed hunts for backyard/outdoor use and even a special Easter themed hunt designed around traditional Easter decorations perfect for party gatherings.

Easter Egg Scramble: Another special Easter egg hunt idea is to leave a hidden message to be unscrambled within the eggs. You should again start with a personalized greeting letter from the Easter bunny announcing the challenge. (See example below)

Happy Easter _______! My night has been busy hopping around, Hiding some eggs that will need to be found. Unscramble the eggs to spell out a spot, where you will discover an Easter jackpot!
Happy Hunting! Love the Easter Bunny

You will need to create the clue phrase that will direct your child to where their Easter basket is hidden. For example if you decide to hide the basket under the KITCHEN SINK. You would need to create color-coded letters to spell out this location, using construction paper, pink for the letters of K I T C H E N and yellow for the letters of S I N K. Then you tuck each letter into a plastic egg, (or taped/decorated onto a regular Easter egg). The eggs can then be hidden randomly throughout the house as with any traditional egg hunt. However, once all of the eggs are gathered the children can then work together to spell out the location of their Easter baskets by unscrambling the letters.

It is simple to transform the classic Easter egg hunt into a more personalized, interactive game that kids will not only love, but will remember for years to come. Happy hunting to all!