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Donald Trump’s Trump Network – Good Opportunity Or Scam

Donald Trump is just about to launch his newest business venture, the Trump Network. A network marketing company in the health and wellness niche. The Trump Network is designed to make people healthier with customized vitamins and nutritional supplements, and to encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial future. But will it turn out to be a scam? Or will it be a good opportunity?

The launch of Trump Network is officially in October 2009 and spokesmen for Trump Network claim that top network marketing people are getting in line to sign up and leaving their current stable, successful income with another network marketing company to become a part of this phenomenon.

As time of writing this article the Trump Network is still in pre-launch. It is no secret that people tend to think that the people at the top in network marketing makes all the money, hence they assume that pre-launch is a fantastic place to be. A great opportunity to join Trump Network just before the official launch and get in on the action before it even starts. If you follow this argument you are somewhat right, its a great opportunity if you get people beneath you and those people actually build their business AND consumes the health supplement, remember you are only going to get paid if your downline consumes the product.

The fact that Donald Trump is going in to the network marketing arena seems as no big surprise. If you had been following him lately you would know that he co-authored a book Why We Want You to be Rich with Robert Kiyosaki (the author of the bestseller Rich dad Poor dad). They argue a great deal for the concepts you find in the network marketing industry. Both gentlemen actively endorse the network marketing industry, Donald Trump is actually specifically endorsing one company and putting his reputation on the line to do that. Just know that the company, a telecommunications company, is a good company and that the network marketing industry is a good place to be theoretically. Its pretty obvious that Donald Trump wouldnt recommend a specific company if it was not a great company in a great industry.

However, everything you have heard in regards to people losing a ton of money in network marketing is most likely true. Only about 3 % ever get their MLM business in profits, which are tough odds and an uphill battle. However there is hope, the reason the statistic is so low is due to the ineffective marketing techniques the network marketing companies generally still teaches to their distributors.

I will bet you that the success rate in Trump Network WILL NOT be any better. People might think that Mr. Trump is the founder and he is a great businessman and try to sell the opportunity on Mr. Trumps brand. Actually, that is exactly what he does;

If you know anything about network marketing and anything about the power of the Trump brand youll know this is an extraordinary opportunity. a quota from Trump Networks pre-launch website.
The techniques you are going to be taught in Trump Network are the exact same B.S. that other network marketing companies teach their distributors. How can I be so sure? Remember the network marketing company Donald Trump endorses, they teach their distributors to make a list of friends and family, to work your warm market, hand out business flyers, DVDs, 3-way calling etc.

These techniques works out great for the company, they make a ton of money (remember the 97% failure statistic). When Donald Trump got his best people to run a background check on the company, his financial advisor came back to him with a financial statement report that blew him away. Its pretty obvious that Mr. Trump wants a piece of the action, but you dont have to support the company by failing. You still have time to educate yourself. You can start off with the proper know-how on how to create a successful marketing funnel, how to make a system that is guaranteed to work and create a striving Trump Network business when it launches in October 2009.